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Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS)

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Studying at Cambridge


CamCoS conference series

Cambridge Comparative Syntax (CamCoS)

CamCoS (short for Cambridge Comparative Syntax) is a series of conferences organised by the ReCoS project.

CamCoS is a two-and-a-half day conference with one full day each for invited speakers presenting their research on a topic of relevance for comparative syntax and a general session on comparative linguistic research.

The two days are preceded by an evening including talks from members of the ReCoS group as well as other local researchers working in variation across languages.

The topics for the CamCoS conferences so far:

  • CamCoS 1 Ergativity
  • CamCoS 2 Focus
  • CamCoS 3 Variation in morphophonological, morphosyntactic and morphosemantic domains
  • CamCoS 4 Null arguments and phi-features
  • CamCoS 5 Comparative generative syntax today
  • CamCoS 6 Comparative generative syntax today
  • CamCoS 7 Comparative generative syntax today
  • CamCoS 8 Comparative perspectives on phases